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Inner Healing Course 

Break patterns by going to the Root. Identify your (hidden) childhood trauma and heal in this 5 Step program. 

Step 1 'I'm Wounded' (surviving not yet thriving)
Step 2 Connecting to my Inner Compass
Step 3 Building my Emotional Home
Step 4 Healing my Wound
Step 5 Healing through Connecting

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5 Step Inner Healing Course 

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Break Free from the Fear of Upsetting, Disappointing or Burdening People. Learn to speak your truth. 

Self- Empowerment Course

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You are not alone in your struggle and the truth is: no one should have to suffer unnecessarily because this can be overcome with the right guidance. That's why I've developed this course based on my clinical experience.


In this Self- Empowerment course you will

  • become aware of underlying dynamics, which will boost your self- confidence because you will be understanding what's happening

  • connect more to your true, authentic self

  • learn to act out of a state of awareness and

  • feel more confident in expressing your needs & boundaries

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