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On Parenting

Dr. Justin Coulson

Dr. Shefali

On Relationships

Esther Perel podcast 'where should we begin'

















Emotion Regulation

Here's how to process rather than push away emotions.

Hidden trauma

Hidden trauma

Hidden trauma

Hidden trauma

Narcissistic mother

Thé book on the effects of narcissistic parenting

Complex trauma

On Complex trauma, like shame, inner critic. How to do the Inner Child healing

Childhood trauma

The basics on the effects of childhood trauma.

Self- reparenting

Self- reparenting

Self- reparenting

Self- reparenting. Discover your wounded inner child and learn how to self- reparent.

Breaking patterns

Discover your wounds (core beliefs) and break these patterns.

Connect to emotions

Thé book about the meaning and importance of emotions. For when you're not in touch with your emotions, learn how to reconnect to your inner navigation system.


Relationships. Great book to understand how our wounds interfere in our romantic relationships.

Ego work

Ego- work. De- Identify from your Ego & Connect to your Authentic/ True Self

The Spiritual You

Connect to your Authentic self/ Soul

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